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Land Rover Defender Stainless Steel Renegade Front Bumper - 4mm

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Land Rover Defender Stainless Steel Renegade Front Bumper DRL & NON DRL.



  • 4mm thick stainless steel. (Standard Defender bumpers are 2.5mm mild steel).
  • Available in satin black & gloss black.
  • Available with DRL or non DRL arms.
  • Fits ALL models of Land Rover Defender.
  • LED rear protection mud & water guards included for LED models only.
  • All laser-cut edges are sanded/rounded smooth front and back prior to paint. We Fully linish all laser-cut edges to a nice rounded edge. 
  • Black chemically dipped A4 stainless steel fittings included.
  • Black stainless steel A4-80 hi tensile mounting bolts & threaded plates included.
  • LEDS & relay included (DRL Option) LEDs are e-marked, testing number marked and fully road legal.
  • Holes present to fit rubber end caps if needed. (Rubber end caps NOT included in this sale).
  • TIG welded externally & internally for strength. 
  • Stainless LED brackets included.
  • LED DRLS are available with a "Clear Lens" or a "Tinted Lens". Clear lenses are completely clear and the tinted lenses are tinted/smoked by 50%. See the last two photos to see the difference between "Clear & Tinted".
  • Glass bead blasted prior to paint for superior paint adhesion & surface preparation.


The Renegade Front Bumper is much stronger than the standard Defender bumper.

Made from 4mm thick stainless steel, It has a higher approach angle than standard, to give better off-road capabilities as well as improving the style of the front end.

TIG welded internally and externally for strength, including fillet and cap welds. 

All laser-cut edges are rounded/sanded smooth prior to paint, including central oval design holes, LED slot holes & the entire length of the rear of the bumper internally and externally.

We also sand out all fold tool indents prior to paint for a superior build quality and finish.

We manufacture all items in-house to a very high standard in both fabrication & metal finishing. 

Glass bead blasting the bumper prior to paint provides superior paint adhesion. Glass bead blasting is a time consuming and costly process, more so than other types of blasting. However glass bead blasting is one of the only medias that can be used on stainless steel to key/clean it prior to paint. 

LED Rear Mud Guards

We provide 2 x mud guards for the the backside of the LEDS. Made from Stainless Steel, these are fully removable from the bumper and are separate from the LED feet mounts for ease of removal, cleaning and install of the LEDs. These Protect the LEDS from Mud & Water. 

Our LED Rear protection guards wrap around the LED on the sides to give better overall protection from all angles.

Prices includes Free UK Delivery. 



This bumper comes with DRL & Non DRL. as well as Clear LED Lenses & Tinted Lenses.

DRL version: Has rectangle LED slots in the outer bumper arms + LEDS  & Relay Included)

Non DRL version: Has solid outer arms with no LED slots. LEDs & Relay NOT included.

Clear LEDS: These are clear in colour and 50% brighter than the tinted versions. Bright white / blue in colour. 

Tinted LEDS: We tinted/smoked these by 50%, giving them a slightly more aggressive look and allowing them to blend into the bumper more, while also reducing light glare.

Prices include VAT at 20% and free UK delivery.

For export outside the UK, VAT is deducted from the sale price.

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