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Land Rover Defender Stainless Steel Titan Winch Bumper - 5mm

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Land Rover Defender Stainless Steel Titan Winch Front Bumper - 5mm.


A Defender winch bumper made completely out of Stainless Steel. Our Defender winch Bumper setup is able to handle the most powerful 4x4 winches on the market as it is made from 5mm, 6mm & 8mm Stainless Steel. 

The Land Rover Defender Titan stainless steel winch bumper has been developed and tested over a 4 year period prior to its release. Professionally load tested to 11,300kg, the Titan winch bumper can handle some of the most powerful SUV winches on the market, with the results to back it up.

The Titan Defender bumper has been professionally load tested by "Horiba Mira" Horiba Mira are an independent full vehicle & vehicle component testing facility used by Jaguar Land Rover & Bentley. They test full vehicles and components in a vast array of scenarios and environments, from vehicle side impacts & head on collisions, to components shear strength and load ability. (See the last 2 photos to see our test results and test setup.)

Our Defender winch  bumper has a 8000kg maximum safe working load. (Chassis condition dependent)
Although it was tested to 11,300kg without failure, after 8000kg of deadweight force, you run the risk of either deforming the winch tray slightly or your chassis legs to the point of no return. This is universal and not limited to our winch bumper, but is instead due to the chassis capabilities. 

The Titan winch bumper comes as a bumper & steering guard package.
The design of the steering guard is unique to this bumper. Unlike standard steering guards that sit too far back, our Titan steering guard sits inline with the front of the winch bumper and protects all 4 of the winch fitting bolts on the underside of the bumper. The AC version steering guard connects to the bottom of the winch bumper.

With its tested 12mm thick spreader tow eyes (22mm diameter shackle pin hole) The tow capability from the tow eyes is also 8000KG safe working load. These were tested to the same 11,300KG limit and did not fail or rupture.

We fully edge linish / radius every single laser-cut edge prior to construction and paint for a superior finish and long paint life. 


  • Fully 5mm & 6mm stainless steel. (Tow eyes 12mm thick).
  • Professionally load / destruction tested to 11,300kg by Horiba Mira Testing Facility without failure or rupture. (8000kg limited safe working load).
  • 5mm thick main body, outer design arms and lower steering guard plate.
  • 6-8mm thick side chassis bumper mounts & steering guard mounts.
  • 25mm thick billet 316 stainless steel CNC rope hawse .
  • All Bumax 316 grade extreme hi-tensile blackened bolt fitting kit included (Used in our load test.)
  • 12mm thick tow eyes & load spreader plates. (22mm shackle pin hole diameter.)
  • 3mm thick sub-winch load spreader plate washers.
  • Available for non aircon models & aircon models.
  • No modifications to bumper, chassis, grille or grille frame needed.
  • Fully edge linished / edge rounded prior to construction on all laser-cut corners. 
  • Bead blasted for superior paint adhesion.
  • Satin black paint finish. 
  • Illustrated fitting instructions included with torque settings. 
  • Front winch slot blanker plate included if rope hawse not required. 
  • Designed & manufactured in-house, in Great Britain. 

Bolts / Fixings

All extreme hi tensile BUMAX 316 grade stainless fixing bolts are included for full bumper install. These were used in our test and withstood the 11,300kg. These are chemically blackened marine grade stainless steel that have full material & component traceability meaning they are of incredible quality and the strongest stainless steel bolts available on the market.

Air Conditioning & Non Air Conditioning Versions:

This Bumper is available in 3 versions. All versions require no modifications or cutting of the grille, grille frame, chassis or bumper. 

The non air conditioning version is for Defenders without air-con and has a closer fitting front end. This version sticks out less than the air-con version. This version is 6 point mounted to the chassis and is available with or without the steering guard.

The air conditioning version sits 50mm further out from the vehicle than the non air-con version due to the protruding front grille frame on air-con models. This version is 8 point mounted to the chassis. Again this version requires no cutting of the grille, grille frame or bumper to mount. This versions is only available with the steering guard as it is part of the structural strength of the item. 

Steering Guard:

The steering guard has 6mm mounting feet that go on the inside of the chassis legs. The 5mm thick steering guard plate then mounts via countersunk bolts to the legs. The steering guard has 4 central countersunk holes that hold on a rear skeleton reinforcement plate for added strength. The steering guard plate sits over the 4 x winch bolts for full protection.

NON AC versions can be purchased with or without the steering guard.

AC versions can ONLY be purchased WITH the steering guard as the two items integrate to create the mount strength needed for secure mounting.

Winch Compatability:

WARN Zeon:

The Land Rover Defender Titan Winch Bumper has been designed around a WARN Zeon Winch. These come in 3 specifications, 3600kg, 4500kg & 5500kg. 

RED winches Lowline Explorer 2.

This is also compatible with Red winches lowline winch "Explorer 2". These come in 3 specifications, 4500kg, 6000kg & 7500kg. 

Goodwinch TDS series.

These are compatible in models TDS 8.5, TDS 9.5 (c&i) Standard Drum, & TDS 12.0c. The TDS is a great all round winch series. 

Rope Hawse:

The Rope Hawse is 316 Grade stainless steel billet CNC. This 25mm thick Stainless Steel undergoes CNC machining. We supply it with cap head BUMAX bolts that we insert into sunken threaded insert holes. It comes in a black finish.

Important Information:

You can order the non AC model with or without the steering guard.

The AC model can only be purchased with the steering guard, as these two items integrate to create the mount strength needed for secure mounting when in use.

All variations fit without any need for grille or grille surround cutting around the winch. No modifications needed.

(If you have AC but do not plan on fitting a winch then buy the non AC model even if you have AC, as it it will fit closer.) The AC version sits out 50mm more than the non AC version and has to have the steering guard as the two items connect together to create an 8 point mounted winch bumper.

As the air-con version sticks out 50mm more, we decided to make it completely useable and over engineered it, by integrating the steering guard into the structural strength of the item. We have made The AC version completely fit for purpose for 8000KG. The non AC versions are also suitable for a purpose of 8000KG. Professionally tested by Horiba Mira at their independent testing facility. (More information below.)

(Winch, rope & Tow hook is NOT included in this sale "Featured: WARN Zeon winch")

(Air conditioning & non air conditioning versions available)

(No modifications needed / no cutting grille frames around winch needed)

(8000kg safe working load)

Lead time / delivery time:

Lead time is 2-4 weeks from point of order. This is dependent on our work load and may vary slightly, please enquire if you need a more up to date delivery date.

We invest a significant amount of time in crafting these items, custom-built to an exceptionally high standard. Please do not expect next day deliveries on this item.

Prices include VAT at 20% and free UK delivery.

For export outside the UK, VAT is deducted from the sale price.

For international orders, please email: info@uproar4x4.com for a shipping price. (Please include your full address including post/zip code and the exact name and colour of the item/items you would like. We reply to all emails within 24 hours, so please check your junk email if you have not received a reply within 24 hours).

Uproar 4x4 

8000KG of deadweight should never been exceeded.