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Land Rover Defender HD Stainless Steel Drive Flange Bolts Bumax 109 


  • 20 x hi tensile Bumax 109 stainless steel hi tensile drive flange bolts. 
  • 20 x 316 stainless washers. 
  • 10.9 hi tensile stainless steel bespoke bolts.
  • Tensile strength: 1000 MPa (10.9 tensile steel original equivalent).
  • Bumax 109 is the strongest A4/316 SS fastener on the market. 
  • Chemically dipped black and lightly oiled.
  • Available in raw silver & chemically dipped black finish.
  • Loctite 243 10ml medium blue bottle included for Install.
  • Manufactured in Sweden by Bumax for full process.
  • Full material, process and performance traceability available. 
  • 65NM recommended Bumax torque setting.


Bumax 109 is a superior high quality 316 grade stainless steel fastener manufactured by Bumax in Sweden. They make the strongest stainless steel fasteners in the world and true to form 109 means 10.9 hi tensile steel equivalent.

Bumax products have full traceability from raw material to finished product. This proves the quality, processes, and performance of their bolts. This speaks volumes when concerning a product that needs to withstand heavy prolonged forces. They also pride themselves on the quality of raw material used meaning these are incredibly high quality 316 marine grade stainless. You cannot get a higher quality stainless steel fastener on the market.

These Bumax 109 bolts have been bespoke made for us by Bumax. They have a tensile strength of 1000 MPa and a better corrosion resistance than all other stainless steel fasteners on the market.

Standard Land Rover steel drive flange bolts are 10.9 tensile steel but rust from the moment they are fitted. This is due to the socket breaking the paint or zinc plating when installed. The rust can run down or eat onto nice wheels or onto your drive flanges over time. Then this contaminates the other surrounding parts collectively.

Standard Land Rover drive flange bolts also have hexagonal heads which if you have ever fitted nice alloy or steel wheels to your vehicle you will notice the hexagonal drive flange bolt heads all need to be perfectly lined up with the edge of the drive flange so that you can fit the centre circle of your wheel over the wheel hub / drive flange fully. Hexagonal bolts damage or scratch the centre of wheels each time the wheel is taken on or off. Our socket head Bumax bolts have a smaller diameter head spread with a nice soft radius and our washers are a specific size to eliminate this problem. 

 All our stainless HD drive flange bolt kits come with a 10ml bottle of medium 243 blue loctite. This is for anti vibration and correct install of the bolts. 

We recommend fitting new zinc plated & paint coated drive flanges or genuine LR & other aftermarket flanges that are additionally coated with Raptor, Ceracoat or similar at the same time to eliminate rust from all areas for optimum longevity. 

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