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Land Rover Defender Stainless Steel AC Grille surround body panel + Mesh Grille

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Land Rover Defender Stainless Steel AC Grille surround body panel + Mesh Grille:


  • 2mm stainless steel grille surround backing body panel. (Standard front grille surround body panels are made from ABS plastic or Fibreglass with visible bolt hole mounting locations for both the front grille & lower splitter.)
  • 3mm stainless steel Mesh Front Grille frame and 2mm Woven wire mesh. (No other front grille will fit this backing surround body panel, as this grille is specific due to dimensions.) We do not sell the surround body panel separately. 
  • No visible bolt holes for front grille or lower AC splitter grille. 
  • Fits AC (Air conditioned) Defenders Only!
  • Integrated lower AC splitter mesh.
  • Grille surround backing body panel is supplied in 2k Primer, ready for your colour coded top coat. (we do not offer a colour coding paint service.)
  • Front Grille is supplied in either Satin black or Gloss black. 
  • Both items are Bead blasted prior to paint for superior paint adhesion.
  • Blackened A4 Stainless Steel fittings included for full install.
  • Grille surround body panel and front grille are rounded / contoured like the original body panel. 
  • All Lasercut edges are meticulously linished & radiused for a superior smooth finish.
  • Designed, manufactured & assembled in-house, in Great Britain.


The Land Rover Defender AC Grille surround body panel is made from 2mm stainless steel and is a direct replacement for the Original Fibreglass or ABS plastic original body panel. This is the outer body panel frame that sits behind the front grille. The front grille then attaches to the body panel which is also included in this sale. Both items are much stronger than the standard plastic surround and front grille, whilst also improving airflow to the intercooler and radiator. 

There are no visible bolts for the front grille or the lower AC splitter mesh underneath, which gives the panel a very sleek, minimalist and refined appearance. 

The Front mesh grille consists of a 3mm Stainless steel outer slimline frame with 2mm stainless steel woven mesh. This front grille is specific to this body panel behind. You cannot fit any other grille on the market to our stainless steel body panel as the dimensions are custom. We do not sell the body panel or this exact grille separately. We do sell a different recessed grille which is the same in terms of design but the dimensions are correct for standard LR body panels. (please see our other items).

Both items are edge linished meticulously front and back to a nice radius on all laser-cut edges, giving them a superior smooth finish as well as eliminating paint failure points.  These items will fit AC Defender models only.

As with all our products, we design, manufacture and assemble all products in-house, in Great Britain to ensure quality. 

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