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Land Rover Defender Stainless Steel AC (Air Conditioning) Radiator Frame

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Land Rover Defender Stainless Steel Air Conditioning Radiator Frame 

AC (Air conditioning Defender models only)

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  • Solid 10mm thick stainless steel main frame & mounting feet.
  • Solid 10mm thick stainless steel front threaded radiator panel mount holes. 
  • 2mm thick stainless steel AC radiator mount tabs / arms.
  • Front & back linished / edge sanded on all laser cut edges prior to paint.
  • 2 x 6mm hardened plastic AC frame to chassis isolation washers / spacers.
  • 4 x 2mm hardened plastic AC frame to radiator isolation washers / spacers. 
  • A4-80 hi-tensile stainless steel blackened mounting kit.
  • Black Anodised aluminium rivets to radiator included. 
  • Bead blasted for superior adhesion.
  • Satin black paint finish.


The Uproar 4x4 stainless steel AC frame is a direct fit, no modification, replacement for the original Land Rover mild steel AC frame that holds the air conditioning radiator in place at the front of AC model Defenders. 

Standard Land Rover AC Frame

The original Standard LR AC Frame is made from 1.5mm thick mild steel box section. This causes multiple problems:

  • The first problem is rust & corrosion. Mild steel will always rust regardless of any specialist coating or plating. Due to the standard box section being hollow, rust also forms internally and prevails externally. The 4 radiator mounting tabs  are also mild steel, as are the mounting bolts. The manufacturer does not sand or round any of the laser-cut edges on the frame mounting feet, radiator mounting tabs, and box section frame ends. This causes the paint to crack, peel and rust will form again. 
  • Standard radiator mounting tab bolts pass through the entire frame from the back and require a nut and washer on the front. This causes a problem with general space and reinstall. If you place a standard intercooler or even a larger-than-standard intercooler behind your AC radiator, you'll find that removing the bolts from the frame is one challenge, but reinserting them from the rear side is another.
  • No isolation. The standard AC frame bolts directly to the chassis at the bottom and the slam panel at the top which are also steel. Mild steel on mild steel with no isolating packer or washer means that if your AC frame starts to rust, it will then travel down onto the chassis as well as up, on to your slam panel or vice versa. The same problem exists with the radiator mounting tabs. There is no isolating washer or packer between the radiator and the radiator mount tab meaning rust and corrosion can transfer from the frame to the radiator or vice versa. 

Uproar 4x4 AC Frame.

Our AC frame is made entirely from 10mm solid stainless steel. There are many advantages to our AC frame over standard versions.

  • No rust or rust transfer. Thats why we use stainless steel.
  • Our AC frame has 10mm deep threaded bolt hole blocks welded onto the front of the already 10mm thick main frame. This means you can attach the radiator mounting tabs / arms from the front side only with no nuts needed. The rear side of the frame is completely flat with no holes. 
  • Fully edge rounded / linished front and back on all laser cut edges. The frame is also bead blasted prior to paint. This combination results in the paint staying in tact for years to come. The process of edge sanding all the parts that make this product prior to it even being fabricated, takes 1 hour.
  • CNC machined hardened plastic isolation washers / packers have been made so that the AC frame can be isolated away from the chassis mounts, as well as isolating the radiator away from the frame mounting tabs. These Isolation washers stop any rust / corrosion transfer from one area of the vehicle to your new AC frame.

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