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Land Rover Defender OEM Santorini Black Wheel Arches

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Land Rover Defender OEM Santorini Black Wheel Arches:

This listing is for 2 x OEM Front wheel arches & OEM 2 x Rear wheel arches

  • These Wheel arches are OEM (not cheap aftermarket budget wheel arches). This means the quality and fitting is superior in comparison to lower budget wheel arches.
  • Fits 90, 110 and 130 Defenders (Except Hi-capacity tub Models)
  • Professionally Auto-body-shop sprayed Santorini Black to a high standard Mirror finish.
  • plastic fitting plugs included.
  • Normal aftermarket gloss black or satin black wheel arches fade very quickly. This is because they are only a moulded plastic finish. They are not auto-body-shop sprayed. We have experienced this problem first hand on customers vehicles. 
  • Our Santorini Black wheel arches will not fade.

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Package: 110cm x 82cm x 31cm x 6Kg

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