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Land Rover Defender Black Stainless Steel Bespoke Security Door Hinge Bolts

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Land Rover Defender Black Stainless Steel Bespoke Security Door Hinge Bolts:


  • Chemically dipped black.
  • A4 grade stainless steel (316 marine grade stainless steel).
  • A4-80 hi tensile bolts.
  • Adaptor included.
  • Nuts included.
  • Blackened A4 stainless steel washers included. 
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No other door hinge bolt kit on the market offers the same level of security. 

The head of each bolt has a bespoke socket, which is custom made for us with a range of unique specifications. 

The pin in the centre of each bolt head is a bespoke diameter. 

These bolts are custom made in A4-80, meaning they are hi-tensile 316 grade marine stainless steel.

We have the bolts chemically dipped black for two reasons. It makes it more difficult to see the design of the bolt head and aesthetically, it looks better compared to raw silver stainless steel.

These bolts are NOT the 6 lobe pin Torx or Pin Hex bolts that are now widely available on the internet. None of the adaptors from these generic security fasteners will fit our bespoke bolt heads. You are unable to buy our adaptors in any hardware store

The rear side of the bolts are not countersunk, however we have sold over x 1000 kits, many of which we have fitted ourselves. There has never been a problem with the strength or location of the bolt into the door hinges. 

We do not show direct HD photos of the head itself, for obvious reasons. (Please do not ask us for photo close-ups). (If you are unhappy with the item, we accept returns without reason on this item due to the nature of the listing mentioned above). 

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