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Land Rover Defender Stainless Steel Titan Side Step 90 & 110 - 3mm

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Land Rover Defender Stainless Steel Titan Side Step 90 & 110 - 3mm:


The Defender Stainless Steel Titan Side Steps consist of 3mm stainless steel tube, making them twice as strong as standard Land Rover side steps. All other Defender side steps on the market have a thickness of 1.5mm-2mm. We have invested heavily in custom Mandrel tooling, enabling us to bend 3mm tube with the correct radius and minimise tube waste/offcuts.

We bespoke CNC machine the treadplates from hardened plastic. This ensures they stay free from fading, splitting, cracking, or warping, unlike standard sidestep treadplates. So, we have increased the thickness of the treadplates slightly compared to standard ones. We have also CNC machined them from a different composite, as opposed to the standard treadplates produced through plastic injection molding.

We have also employed custom CNC tooling to cut the correct radius of the tube into the underside of the treadplate, ensuring a perfect contour match with no gaps or holes around the edges. A 2mm CNC machined radius is applied to all edges and lugs on the treadplate, resulting in a superior smooth finish.

All of our laser-cut edges undergo linishing to achieve a high standard, and a nice radius is applied before assembly. This eliminates abrupt edges, a common cause of paint failure on standard sidesteps. Our Defender side step undergoes bead blasting prior to painting to enhance paint adhesion and eliminate material contamination, as opposed to shot blasting, which contains iron.


  • 3mm stainless steel tube thickness (standard sidesteps are 1.5mm).
  • Fits all 90 & 110 Land Rover Defender models.
  • Detachable & adjustable mounting brackets.
  • Bespoke CNC machined hardened plastic treadplates.
  • Available in "standard height" & lowered height.
  • Blackened stainless steel hi tensile fittings included for full install.
  • Glass bead blasted prior to paint for superior paint adhesion.
  • Satin black paint finish.
  • Top Treadplate finisher available smooth satin or anti-slip coating.
  • All laser-cut edges have a nice radius/rounded corner applied pre-build.
  • Illustrated fitting instructions included.
  • Designed, manufactured & assembled in-house, in Great Britain.

Mounting Brackets:

The mounting brackets for our sidesteps are available in standard height and lowered height. The price is the same for both variants, it just depends on what specification you require.

Standard height: These brackets are to the same height and standard Land Rover brackets, but they protrude an additional 10mm in comparison for a little extra foot room.

Lowered Height: These sit 25mm lower and 25mm further out from the side of the vehicle compared to the standard height variant. These are designed to be used on vehicles with aftermarket Rocksliders / larger sills as well as people who want a lower sidestep for ease of access in general. The additional space will allow users enough room to fit their feet in-between the sidestep and the Rocksliders without constriction.

Top Treadplate Finisher:

The top treadplate finisher is the metal strip that sits on top of the CNC machined plastic treadplate. It overlaps the lugs of the treadplate. We finish these in primed &  top coated smooth Raptor for superior paint adhesion and reduced wear and tear.

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