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Cross-Member Stainless Steel Titan Recovery Point & WARN Shackle

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Land Rover Defender Stainless Steel Titan Recovery Point & WARN Shackle

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  • 20mm Thick Stainless Steel Tow eye.
  • 8mm Thick Stainless Steel Mounting Plate.
  • CNC Machined Radius on inner tow eye hole.
  • We sand/round all laser cut edges front and back prior to painting.
  • 8 Tonne WARN Epic Shackle included.
  • 2 x HD Rubber Shackle Washers included.
  • Extreme Hi-Tensile BUMAX Stainless Steel Shanked bolts included.
  • Chemically dipped black 316 Grade Stainless Steel bolts.
  • HD 7 point mounting design (Most recovery points only have 4 mounting points.
  • Fits all Model Defenders.


The Titan Recovery point is superior in its class. It boasts an 8-ton pulling capacity and is entirely made from stainless steel. 

We CNC machine and edge sand every single laser-cut edge of the Titan recovery point, providing superior paint longevity over cheaper mild steel recovery points.

We plate prep the toe eye before welding and TIG weld both sides of the main mounting plate for extreme strength. (These are not single welds).

We supply BUMAX stainless steel fixings as Bumax make the strongest stainless steel fasteners in the world. These are extremely hi-tensile bolts that are above the standard A4-80 Hi tensile threshold in the general market. We cold work and quench Bumax bolts to achieve a higher shear strength than any other stainless steel fasteners on the market. Additionally, they are high quality 316 Grade. For strong Bumax stainless steel drive flange bolts, see our other products.

All the bolts provided are stainless steel but have been chemically blackened and oil impregnated to make them more aesthetically pleasing, whilst still retaining their rust proof properties. 

Included is a WARN epic shackle with a capacity of 8 tonnes pulling force. 

We have made our own HD rubber washers to fit inside the shackle between the pin and the body. This means that the shackle does not swing when driving and also reduces rubbing during operational movement. The shackle is made from forged steel with a heavy duty "E Coating". 

The Titan recovery point is unlike conventional recovery points as it has 7 mounting points for extreme strength. Normal recovery points only have 4 mounting points on the front face of the cross member which isn't strong enough if you create a lot of vertical pull during recovery, so it can deform the face of the crossmember or in worst case scenarios snap bolts. The Titan recovery point does not have this problem.

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